Patch 4.5 LOL

maxresdefault Patch 4.5 went up a few weeks ago and has introduced many changes to summoners rift. One of the biggest being the new jungle item “Feral flare”, this protocolar item has brought back many junglers into competitive play.
First lets talk about why this is a good item; it gives you +15 attack damage and +35% attack speed upon completion. For junglers like Master Yi and Xin Xiao this item is a no brainer even junglers like Nocturn who have attack speed steroids in there kit benefit from this item immensely.
The thing to look at in this patch when choosing the perfect jungler to help your team win really depends on if your junglier can benefit from the Feral Flare item or if it would take to long for your to farm up to get the item to completion. Right now there are two types of jungle styles that help to win game: 1) Gank your lanes over and over and over to help snowball your advantages or 2) If your lanes pick winning lanes Farm up to complete the Feral Flare item on a snowball jungler and carry the game with your immense power.
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