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Hey everyone I’m Final Flight and this is my League of Legends Blog. Ive been playing League of Legends for about 2 yrs now and it has become my life, Im either working, going to the gym or playing league of legends. I decided to start this blog because I love to teach and I wanted to share my knowledge with the League of Legends community to help with common problems people have while playing the game like: Farming Minions, Carrying Ranked Games & Item Builds.

This League of Legends Blog is for the beginner in Bronze Elo all the way to advanced players in Platinum Elo. I have tips and tricks that i will teach you that i have learned playing League of Legends and the countless hrs. I’ve put in watching Pro’s Play in the LCS and OGN leagues. I explain everything in a detailed manner and ask for anyone to leave me questions and comments if they need help with any part of there game play.

There will be new content added daily and links to my Youtube channel with: Full Game Videos, Guides, Ranked Duo Q & Commentary on Professional games from the LCS (NA,EU). I plan to make this blog one of the top league of legends blogs on the internet and with your help we can make that dream a reality. As always GL HF and Carry Hard on the Fields of Justice.3NPBJL7


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